Top Secret Contents of the IELTS Syllabus

When the student is preparing with the help of the IELTS material, he should take care to follow certain steps while handling the two writing tasks.  In the Task 2 of the General training or Academic Writing, it is important to divide the essay into paragraphs such as the introduction, the body and the conclusion of the essay, with each one representing a specific idea.

While tackling the introduction in your preparation of the IELTS material, take care that no part of the question must be repeated exactly as presented in the question.  If you repeat any sentence from the question, the examiner will ignore it and this will be reduced from your word count.  You can use similar words that mean the same thing.  For this a reasonably extensive vocabulary would be very helpful, as one can use synonyms and write out the statement in a different way.

For instance, consider the following statement while studying the IELTS material  – Disruptive students have a negative effect on others and hence such students must be put together and taught separately.  Do you agree or disagree?

The above question can be presented in the following manner in the introductory paragraph – It is given that students who disturb others have a bad influence on the others in the class, and hence the solution is to group them separately and teach them.

This can then be followed by whether you agree with the statement or not, and your solutions for the problem presented along with some examples and supportive arguments.  If you are against the given solution, then you could say that by simply removing them or segregating them, one is limiting their opportunities and this is more like a prison system and not an educational institution. This could even cause greater harm to the disruptive students and make them worse instead of improving them.

Next, you could come up with a solution for tackling the problem.  You could say that one must analyze the causes for the disruptive behavior before separating them.  Sometimes, it is possible that they are too intelligent and find the classes boring or much below their intelligence level and the work given is too easy.  All they need, therefore, is something more challenging and some additional lessons.  Another cause that can be analyzed is that the teachers are not strong enough to discipline the class and are lacking in leadership qualities.  This could be supported by some evidence from your personal experience.

Finally, as a conclusion, you could reiterate your initial stand and say that the solution is not separating them but rather looking at other factors and providing them with whatever is lacking in the system.

The above problem has only one aspect to it and hence that alone is analyzed.  The important point to remember while considering the IELTs material is that the student must analyze both sides of the problem, though he might support one aspect.

In another instance, if the problem posed is whether capital punishment is good or detrimental for society.  The two sides are that capital punishment is necessary and that it should not be used.  If your stand is that capital punishment is undesirable and should not be used, then you should look at both aspects.  In the first case, you should analyze what would happen if capital punishment is effected and the negative repercussions of this.  Give as many reasons as you can for arguing against the use of capital punishment.  Next, you should talk of the positive aspect of not having capital punishment.  Give some other alternative solutions of punishments and analyse how other methods could prove more effective in improving society with some examples.

With such a detailed study of the IELTS material, it is possible to present strong arguments in your essay question while addressing task 2 of the General or Academic writing section.

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