The Best Way To Prepare for IELTS online

There are a lot of resources available on the internet for the student who wants to appear for IELTS and he can avail of these IELTS online preparatory exercises, which cover all sections of the test.  When preparing for the essay task, which is the task 2 for both Academic and General Training Writing Module, it is better to practice writing essays on various topics.

The student practicing with IELTS online exercises must remember that regarding the essay writing, the topic should first be introduced in his own words and then he must clearly state his stand whether he agrees or disagrees with the given opinion.  For this, the student must first clearly understand the topic and what opinion is being given in the statement. Sometimes, no opinion might be given but only two sides of the problem might be presented.

Consider the following statement – Freedom of speech is a much debated topic.  To what extent should freedom of speech be given to newspapers? How does this affect the information the public receives?

In the above Task 2 for Writing, there is no opinion specified in the question.  You are supposed to analyse the question and state how much freedom should be given to the press and also address the question of how this will affect the news given to the people. As two aspects have been presented, it is important to answer both the questions and not just one part of it.  You could choose to say that complete freedom should be given to the press or you could say that there should be some limits and some curbs by the law.  There is no right or wrong answer but whatever side you take, you should give enough evidence and examples to support that stand strongly.

While preparing for such tasks from IELTS online exercises, you can claim that the press deserves to be given full freedom.  This claim should be followed by reasons for making that statement.  You could say that only through such freedom the vigilant journalists are able to bring the wrongdoing of many leaders to the public attention.  In this way the citizens get informed and only an informed citizen can demand his rights or else the wrongdoer will continue with his actions.  The press makes everyone accountable for his actions and hence must be given the freedom to expose any negative activities done by anyone in society, regardless of his high position in society, and without fear of being reprimanded by the law.

You can also choose a middle path by striking a balance and saying that though ample freedom must be given to the press, no one should abuse this freedom.  This freedom does not give the newspapers the right to malign and slander anyone they don’t like.  The press must behave in a responsible manner and just because they have the right to report, it does not mean that they have the right to mudslinging or character assassination in order to achieve cheap publicity. They must know where to draw the line between exposing a situation and attacking an individual in a vicious and personal way.  The reporting must be unbiased and neutral in tone.

After answering this aspect while practicing IELTS online exercises for essays, the second aspect of the question regarding the effect it could have on information given to the public, should be addressed.  You could mention that if the press is not given freedom, then this could have a very detrimental effect on democracy as cunning politicians and leading members of society who are rich and powerful will get away with anything without fear of being brought down.  This would make a mockery of democracy in the long run.  After thus addressing both aspects of the given question, you could conclude with your initial stand that for the above reasons, you feel that a certain amount of freedom is a must for newspapers, in order to make a success of any democracy.

By thus practicing many questions from IELTS online preparatory material, the student can write more coherent essays in a logical manner.

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