The Ultimate Preparation for IELTS

Millions of students all over the world are undergoing IELTS preparation.  This is the standard test taken for the purpose of international education or employment.  More than 6000 institutions all over the world in 135 countries recognize this test.  There is a growing demand for the IELTS preparation services as well as the courses.  It is managed and owned by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, IDP: IELTS Australia and the British Council.

IELTS tests the student in four sections of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. All candidates must take the tests in the four skills mentioned above.  There are basically two versions of the IELTS test, namely, the Academic Module and the General Training Module. The Academic module is taken by students who want to pursue higher studies in the form of degree and diploma courses.  The General Training Module is to be written by students who are seeking admissions to a secondary school or some kind of vocational training.  People going abroad for immigration purposes also must take the General Training Module.

During the course of IELTS preparation, the student must bear in mind that the Listening and speaking sections remains the same for both the General Training and the Academic Module, but the Reading and Writing sections have two different versions for the two modules.  If you are in any doubt regarding which module to take, you must get the advice from a teacher or a student advisor.  The two modules are distinct and cannot be interchanged, nor do they carry the same weight.

The Academic Writing consists of two compulsory tasks which are to be completed within 60 minutes.  Here two types of questions are asked.  The first question presents some information which might be in the form of graphs, diagram, charts or tables.  The student undergoing IELTS preparation must study the information presented and then present it in descriptive form in his own words.  About 150 words are to be written in about twenty minutes.  The second task consists of a point of view or an argument and the student has to write on the given topic in about 40 minutes.  They should focus on the correct aspect of the topic.  Here too, the answer should not be less than the required 250 words, but can exceed it by a few words.

In the first task, the student must present facts from a graph, chart etcetera.  Sometimes, a diagram of a machine or a physical or chemical process is graphically presented and by seeing it, the student is asked to explain how it works.  All relevant and important details should be clearly presented in the explanation.  However, minor details and points can be left out.  The style of writing should not be very formal but can be academic. During the IELTS preparation,  It is important to note that the answers should not be less than the required 150 words, but it can exceed the minimum limit by a few more words.

During IELTS preparation, the student who is appearing for the General Training Module also has two writing tasks to complete within sixty minutes.  The first task consists of a situation to which the student is asked to respond.  This could be in the form of writing a letter asking for some information or just explaining a situation.  The second task consists of an essay which is written based on a point of view or argument that has been given.

In the first Writing task of the General Training Module, the style can be informal or formal.  Bullet points are provided telling the student what kind of information is required and these must be included in the response.  In the second writing task, the candidates need to respond with a full and relevant response.

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