Successful Online Preparation for IELTS Writing

Students interested in appearing for the IELTS exam can easily avail of IELTS online preparation for all sections of the test.  There are a variety of interactive English exercises which can improve the students’ skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing.  Many exercises are aimed at improving vocabulary and grammar skills.

IELTS online preparation can involve practice tests for letter and email writing exercises, building vocabulary building exercises and so on which will help to score a high band level for the writing section of the IELTS exam.  There are many fundamentals that a student must know in order create a good essay. Once you give a supporting sentence to your argument, the next thing to do would be to develop the supporting statement by means of an example.

For instance, if the topic is – To what extent does the climate of a place determine the type of houses that you build? Your supporting sentence would be that climate plays a very important role in determining the kind of houses we build.  This could be developed by giving an example of snow by saying that in countries where it snows a lot, people build houses with a steep roof so that the snow does not settle down on the roof.  This might end in damaging the roof.  Again, in a place where the climate is warm, people usually build a house with a verandah in order to keep the sun out of the rooms and also because the verandah provides a cool place to sit outside.

You can also prepare with IELTS online practice exercises on articles and prepositions so that grammatical errors are reduced as this aspect too carries weightage for mark allocation.  In order to prepare for the task 1 of the IELTS academic module, one can practice from IELTS online tests which give you sample charts, graphs, diagrams and so on with sample answers provided.

This task 1 involves writing about 150 words or more.  The introductory sentence should explain what you are describing or in other words, it should be the topic sentence summarizing the whole focus of the graph or chart.  For instance, the given table compares the growth of population as well as the amount of migration in eight (or the given number) countries all over the world in the year 1980 (or the given year) for the twelve months.

Another topic sentence for an introduction to a graph could go like this – the graph shows the growth of the mobile phone sector in the particular country during the years xxxx to yyyy.  If you are presented with a pie chart, you can say that the given pie chart represents the different proportions of students from various countries studying in the Australian university during the period from xxxx to yyyyy.

When you prepare with the help of IELTS online tasks, remember that the task 1 of the Academic writing requires you to spend some time studying the trends in the given data and not just mention it independently.  If a process is diagrammatically represented, then the student should group the information so that it follows a definite logical order.

When you describe a process or a procedure, it is appropriate to use the present passive voice.  For instance, if you are shown the process of coffee being made, you could say – coffee beans are first pulped down in order to remove the casing, rather than, they pulp down the coffee beans in order to remove the casing.  (The first form is the passive form and the second is the active form)  Another example would be – the seeds are then soaked in water and rinsed and dried thoroughly, rather than, they then soak the seeds in water and then rinse and dry them thoroughly.

By doing a lot of such practice exercises from IELTS online resources, you can aim at a high score and tackle the writing tasks confidently.

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