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How Are We Different?
Our IELTS programs have been developed with you in mind. We understand what it is like to do the IELTS and study the English language. So our material is designed to help you achieve the best band score possible. We ask questions to find out what you want and need to help you in the writing section. Then we give it to you! We also use the latest methods, strategies and knowledge of the IELTS to give you as much help as you need.

Our material can be accessed instantly because it is all downloadable. Plus you can be anywhere in the world to do it, as long as you have access to the internet. It is a self-paced program that allows you to learn in your own time. All this joined with the proven strategies and methods makes this a very powerful tool for anyone who wants to do the IELTS.

Our Purpose Statement:

Our aim is to help candidates achieve their highest possible IELTS score in the writing section. We will do this by using up to date, effective and proven methods. We will provide the best available materials using fast delivery technology. All this will be done with professional and friendly service.

The Team:

Tom – The creator of The IELTS Solution. He has dedicated years to helping students achieve their goals in exams. After going through very tough exams, he knows what it is like to succeed and wants to show you. He cares about your IELTS success deeply and will do what he can to help.
Tom was born in Poland and moved to Australia at the age of six. He struggled with the English language for years until he discovered something very special. He discovered the difference between a native English and someone who is new to the language. He applied this to improve his English writing skills and has been very proficient in the language ever since.
At the moment he is a medical doctor. He has developed this website and put together a team of experts to show you how to prepare for the IELTS writing section. In his spare time he enjoys going to the gym, going for a drive and the occasional beer.

The Essay Markers:

Steven Coen – He has a background in University Education and Philosophy. Now he focuses on IELTS work and is an outstanding IETLS grader. He has taught essay skills for over 20 years and is looking forward to marking the next set of tasks. Steven loves a good book and skiing in the winter.

Elizabeth McManus – Elizabeth has degrees in English and History. She has worked around Australia in universities and tutored students at the University of California. Elizabeth currently working from home where she focuses her time on IELTS grading. She loves to travel to new places, meet new people and writing on any topic she can.

Kathy Jones – Kathy studied at McGill University where she obtained a Bachelors of Arts major English/Linguistics. She then attended Concordia University where she achieved a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. Kathy loves to read, meet people from other cultures and go to the movies.

Michael Acing – Michael has been a teacher for 22 years after completing a Masters in Teaching. He has worked at universities in the United Kingdom and USA. Now he is back in London where he teaches part-time and helps IELTS students too. He loves to write poetry, ride his bike and spend time with his children.

How The IELTS Solution Can Help

The IELTS Solution provides preparation material for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). We provide downloadable electronic books (eBooks), a grading course and other electronic resources.

We aim to help students who want to gain entry into English language countries. The IELTS is needed for a number of jobs and positions. However, many people may not have studied or sat the IELTS before. Others may have failed in the past. The IELTS can be a bit tricky. Luckily there are things you can do to improve your chances. The IELTS Solution is here to help with that.

Any Questions? Please email us at contact@theieltssolution.com